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Created on 2009-04-16 06:20:15 (#77999), last updated 2012-03-21 (287 weeks ago)

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Name:Fans of the anime Vampire Knight
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:anime, manga, vampire knight, fandom
What is Vampire Knight?

Vampire Knight is a shojo manga by Matsuri Hino. In Japan, Vampire Knight entered serialization in January 2005 in LaLa magazine, and entered serialization in North America in the June 2006 issue of Shojo Beat magazine. The anime premiered on April 7, 2008, and uses the voice cast from the drama CD. (taken from

This community is for the fans of the both the anime and the manga. A place where the fans can come and enjoy discussions and fanworks of the series by other fans. We welcome both het and slash!

We do have a few rules that need to be followed, however.

1) Please be respectful to your fellow members. Flaming, threats, and insulting other members will resort in only one single warning. If you continue, you will be removed and banned completely from the community. That's all. We as the mods do not tolerate such disrespectful behavior. It doesn't matter whether you support a pairing or not, you do not need to be nasty about it.

2)When posting a fanfic, you are asked to use the following format:


You can link your story or you can use the lj-cut to put your story in the community. Please note that all stories rated with an NC-17 rating must be put under a friends' locked entry. This will keep children under the age from viewing such contents and also keep your journal from being ToSed.

3) By adding yourself to this community, you acknowledge that you are of age and can view adult content material. We as mods are not responsible if you ignore this rule, but if it does come to our attention, we will remove you and ban you without warning.

4) Spoilers must be placed behind an lj-cut and there must be a warning within your entry that this a spoiler either for an episode or for the manga itself.

5) OT posting is welcomed, but please do it sparingly. Please try to keep it VK related.

6) Most importantly: Have fun!

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akatsuki kain, anime, day class, ex-human vampires, fandom, hanabusa aido, ichijō asatō, icons, kiryuu zero, kiryū ichiru, kiryū zero, kuran kaname, kurosu kaien, kurosu yūki, level e vampires, manga, matsuri hino, moon dorm, night class, noble blood, ordinary vampires, pure blood, rido kuran, sayori wakaba, seiren, senri shiki, shizuka hio, sōen ruka, takuma ichijo, toga yagari, tōya rima, vampire knight, vampires
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